Tuesday, November 24, 2009

get moving

Now that we are all (thankfully!) healthy again, we've made progress getting moved into our new home.
Today we spent much of the day there

mopping floors,

making beds...

...unpacking our boxes, and making more dust (Mark installed towel racks in the bathrooms, a messy project when dealing with cement and tile walls. But he did a beautiful job!)

We finished up with a celebratory first meal there tonight,
complete with delicious Pizza Hut pizza!
We hope to complete our move tomorrow, just in time for Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

How will the Philippino Turkey taste??

us5 said...

not sure - we'll have to get back to you on that!

Carl G. said...

Happy Thanksgiving - we're sure thankful for you and your passion for the flourishing of the Kingdom!

us5 said...

Thanks, Carl! We couldn't do it without you and others partnering with us. We're sure thankful for ya'll too! ;o)