Saturday, February 20, 2010

good things come in small packages

Many people here have small living accommodations.
Many shop daily for necessities, instead of stocking up in bulk like we would in America.

Here is a sampling of 'small packages' available here:

a single roll of TP
1 serving pizza sauce
single serving crackers, cookies, and drink mix
mini Crisco can
single use packs of shampoo, toothpaste and moisturizer
single wrapped carrot, etc...

Even the watermelon (yellow!) comes in small packages.
(We can get red watermelon here, too!)

Here is some of the largest celery I've found yet, in contrast to some regular-sized green onions. Most celery bunches we've seen have stalks 1/2 this size!

Unlike what we're used to, it's not more cost efficient to buy larger quantities here. Two small units are even sometimes less expensive than buying the same amount in one larger package.


The Church Cook said...

I just bought a package of 40 TP rolls from Sam's Club and it took me half and hour to find places to store them all!

us5 said...

wouldn't life be simpler if you just bought one a day? ;o)

Judy said...

What if there was a natural disaster? And you only had one roll of TP and no food???

us5 said...

good point. then you get a situation like last fall, with the flooding in manila...