Tuesday, February 16, 2010

our big backyard

Someone asked what our backyard is like.
This is a view from our back wall (over which those roosters live!) The door leads to our kitchen. To the left is our wonderful washing machine; to the right is an outdoor sink that comes in handy for laundry purposes, and for cleaning produce from the market. It's also been the testing ground for more than one science experiment; a water wheel, boats, etc. Here Michael is helping to hang some laundry.

Under the sink is our trusty gas tank which powers our stove and oven. When the gas runs out, (hopefully not at dinner time!) we text the guy around the corner who zips over on his motorcycle with a full tank to sell to us.

The hose hanging down from the sky on the left enables the air conditioner in the girl's room to drain more neatly. (Mark's ingenuity at work! Thanks, Mark!) The windows downstairs are open all of the time, since we have air con only in two bedrooms upstairs. These we use at night for sleeping, and sometimes to create a cool evening haven.

It may not be the largest yard, but it's big enough for other experiments - like testing centripetal force (below).

Best of all?!? No grass to mow! ;o)

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