Saturday, May 1, 2010

Philippine Eagle Center

Today, we joined some friends in visiting the Philippine Eagle Center. The Center is home to 36 Philippine Eagles, 18 of which are captive-bred. It also houses 10 other species of birds, 4 species of mammals and 2 species of reptiles. Simulating a tropical rain forest environment, the Center offers the visitor a glimpse into the country’s forest ecosystem. Although the exhibits are used primarily to help educate the Filipino people on conservation, the facility is also considered a major tourist attraction in Davao City.

The birds are truly magnificent, and are the largest species of eagle as measured by length or wing area (Sref for my Aero friends).

We all enjoyed walking around the beautiful grounds. Being out of the city is refreshing, and the higher elevation seems a little cooler.

There were also some other interesting 'attractions' on our way in and out ... this large bat, and a handful of snakes. No one felt like having their picture taken with snakes today ... maybe next time!

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Heritage Clan said...

"Thank you for the pictures of Philippine Eagle, snake and the bat! I miss you and praying for you every night." John Harvard