Monday, December 20, 2010

come celebrate

On Sunday evening we had the joy of hosting our small church
for their annual Christmas party.

The party got started at about 4:15, when some of the youth
gathered to practice some special selections to play later in the evening.

Meanwhile the kids gathered in Michael's room to play.

Then we all headed outside to the driveway for games.

First, charades,

then a group charade,

and then a 20-questions type of game.

Michael played with Kuya Alan,
trying to guess the Christmas-related word
taped to his forehead
by asking a variety of questions.

We enjoyed the music of lots of laughter!

Then we all left our shoes at the door,

and headed inside for a potluck dinner.

After lots of delicious food, the Sunday School performed.

Even Michael had a part in reading the Christmas Story
in Cebuano.

Others shared music and song;

here Elise and Amy play in quartet with Yuri and Ysha.

Then we caroled together,
with an entertaining solo performance by Kuya Ojie.

More food, more music, more laughter...

Then it was time for a gift exchange;
youngest to oldest.

Little Seth helped Elise choose a package.

It was a special evening.
Though we in many ways were more observers than hosts,
we felt honored to be included so warmly
in this celebration of Christmas.

And we are thankful again for the very real reminder
of the universality of the church -
the unity that exists through Christ
and His unparalleled work of love for us!


thechurchcook said...

Oh what a wonderful time! :)

Rosalie said...

You are blessed to be a blessing. Thanks for sharing this.

us5 said...

it was we who were blessed!