Thursday, December 30, 2010

peeling off the city

Yesterday our family piled into the car and began to drive;
through, and then up into the hills beyond the bustle of Davao to Eden.

We basked in the refreshment of
peeling off the city.

We could feel the tensions roll away
as we shed the heat and the noise,

leaving them behind as we entered the comparative cool,
quiet, and calm of the nature park.

There is no place like this inside the city;
inside our daily life...

...and our spirits give thanks...

...for muddy trails to explore,

for flowers and rocks, waterfalls and trees that silently sing.

They quietly whisper the melodic praise of their Creator -

songs that are too often drowned out by the din of the city.

For this reprieve, our spirits give thanks!

Four out of five of us end the afternoon with a dip in the pool;

and with the luxury of the touch of chill!

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Judy said...

Looks so beautiful and exotic! So glad you had a time of refreshment!
Don't know why but photos #3, 4, 14 & 15 came up blank.

us5 said...

thanks for letting me know, Judy! we recently switched to Picassa, and i'm still working on the art of blogging photos from it...

Carl G. said...

And heaven and nature sing!

us5 said...

even the rocks cry out...

thechurchcook said...

New camera? Or is Picasa really helping with the photos? Whatever you are doing, these are beautiful photos of a beautiful family. Happy New Year.

us5 said...

no new camera...Picasa has some fun options used here, but it's also got quirks that are driving me crazy! the best ones in this post are Elise's photos - she's got a great perspective i am trying to learn... ;o)