Tuesday, December 28, 2010

created for work

Over the course of the past couple of years,
Mark and Michael have been doing a weekly book study together.
They have enjoyed two titles by Christian author Bob Schultz;
the most recent being the book "Created For Work."

The goal of the book is to provide boys
with tools for becoming young men of character, wisdom, and strength.

"It is better to trust in work than money;
God never buys anything
and is forever at work."
-George MacDonald

After one weekly study, Michael was inspired to begin some more demanding chores.
That's not always easy here; life is very different in this society.
But he began to take on the job of cutting our grass.
As you can see, though our yard is small,
so is his equipment.
No power tools going on here.

Michael also sent out emails to a few neighbors,
offering his grass-cutting services.
A couple of friends have hired him,
and he's been happy to have the opportunities.

On his last job, Josanne and GR joined him,
lending a helping hand,
and vastly enjoying watching their Americano friend at work!


Rosalie said...

Proud of you, Michael!

The Braggs said...

Such a fine young man! I've heard great things about that book. Will have to add it to our list of reading material in a few years when our boys get older.

us5 said...

we've really appreciated these books - i think they will still have great value by the time your boys reach this age, Braggs!

our prayer is that the impact will be life-long...check back with Michael in 15 years to see how well he's learned these lessons ;o)

Carl G. said...

Way to go, Michael - just don't smoke the grass!

us5 said...

!eek! now he's going to ask me what you mean, Carl!

thechurchcook said...

LOVE the new header and your family photos!!! And Michael, you make me proud! What a fine young man.

Judy said...

Good job Michael! What's with the one sock on and one sock off????

us5 said...

just one of the privileges of boyhood, Judy.