Thursday, January 27, 2011

creative media

So, what do you do if you're a homeschooled 5th grader,
and your mom has to leave for an hour one morning to get fingerprinted
at a government office for official documents?

Well, if you're Michael, you grab your mp3 player,
and your new mini-speaker (a gift to your dad
from a local business, which he then gifted to you)

and you record all of your spelling words,
with a 15 second gap between them,
replaying it to yourself
so that you can go ahead with the day's spelling test.

That's an A+ in creative media.


Rosalie said...

Go Michael!

Carl G. said...

Way to go, Michael - I like your initiative and inventiveness, dude!

Judy said...

Good thinking Michael! So are you giving yourself ALL your spelling tests now??

Anonymous said...

Mom might like that idea. Great idea Michael!

us5 said...

oh, yes, Nathaniel! i would think this could work great in your family!