Monday, January 17, 2011

this little piggy

Wherever there is a big celebration here in the Philippines,
you are likely to find
Lechon Baboy;
a whole roasted pig, cooked over coals.

We were at one of those events yesterday,
but we both forgot to bring our camera,
so unfortunately the photos are of cell phone quality.

Ronnie looked like an expert as he chopped the meat.

There was quite a spread of food -
cassava root rolls,
quail eggs,
lots of rice,
and even a chocolate cake!

We have to admit that there aren't too many Filipino foods
that we have developed a deep affection for yet.

But it's fun to try these new things, and to have friends who laugh with us as we do.

When Ronnie placed the pig's long skinny tail on the meat platter, I just had to ask,
"Will someone eat the tail too?"
Nora broke out in laughter.
"Oh, NO!!" was all she could manage to say
as she grabbed the tail and pulled it off the platter.

"When you enter a town and are welcomed,
eat what is set before you."
Luke 10:8

So thankful I didn't have that tail set before me...

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Kay Heritage said...

Looks like a wonderful FEAST! Even the tail. ;)