Friday, November 11, 2011

decisions, decisions

Evening's falling, and it's time to turn on some lights.
But how do we decide which switch to hit?
This panel at the head of our stairs gives us 11 options.

Elise probably has more of them figured out than any of us!

I confess I still don't have them all sorted out, though I do know the location of our favorite few.
Some are for outdoor lights, some are for the upstairs loft, and others for downstairs.

But that's NOTHING compared to our neighbor's options.
They have a panel with 25 switches.

An electrician's dream come true - everything wired to one spot!
Now if I could only decide which one I want...


Rosalie Grant said...


Kay Heritage said...

You can always pretend you are in the back stage working the lights....may be.

us5 said...

i guess we just give thanks that we have electricity, and that they actually work most of the time! ;)