Sunday, November 13, 2011

it all adds up

Take one eleven year old boy who is growing out of his clothes,
add a bunch of well-loved T-shirts full of memories,
and the seed of an idea planted by a friend, 
(thank you, Christy!)
plus a really fun older sister who loves to create 
and dabble in crafts she's never tried before...

and it all adds up to a patchwork of love.

Michael's been snuggling under his unique new quilt for the past few nights, 
wrapped up in memories and the kindness of a sister,
thanks to Amy and her delight in making all things handmade!

"The irregular and intimate quality of things made entirely by the human hand..."
-Willa Cather


Rosalie Grant said...

Love this! So proud of you Amy!

Kristy does similar things with old jammies and clothes her kids have loved. Rice cozies, bean bags, etc. It's a great idea.

us5 said...

what fun ideas! ♥ no rice cozies or bean bags here, though...they would be considered ant-banquets! (Elise did make a rice cozy once, and not long after found it infested with feasting ants!!)