Thursday, November 10, 2011

legally licensed again

Today my renewed U.S. driver's license arrived!!!

What a relief!  
Living overseas, even simple things like renewing a driver's license can entail quite a process.  

In the spring, since my license was to expire in September, my thoughtful husband took the initiative to renew it on-line for me.  The renters in our house agreed to receive it and forward it to me, and the wonderful Mail Delivery lady at our old Post Office (hi Krystal!) was on the lookout for the new license to make sure it was delivered, even though it had my name on the envelope instead of our renter's name.

But another observant Post Office employee found it first, and since we had filed a change of address, they efficiently sent the license back to the DMV. 
First attempt failed.

The second attempt occured when I spent a week in the U.S. for my dad's funeral in early August.  My amazingly kind sister drove me out to a remote DMV where the lines are shorter to try to get a license in Washington State.  But though the information on the WA DMV website showed that I should have been able to do it, the laws had recently changed, and the brochure inside the DMV showed that I needed proof of residency.  We left without even taking a number.  
Second failed attempt.

I began to wonder if I'd just have to get in line with our 16 year-old daughters to take a driving test all over again when we return to the U.S. next year.  Somehow that just doesn't seem right.

Realizing what a hassle that could be, I made two more attempts to renew.  The method that finally worked was humbling myself, and writing to the DMV to ask for their help.  They simply instructed me to go through the same process that Military personnel on active duty outside of their home state would go through.  This included sending a letter with a variety of information from me, a few dollars, and a letter from someone in management in our organization, confirming my status here.

Now six weeks later, I am again a legally licensed driver!  If I would have just humbled myself sooner, this process would have been so much easier...

What has God used to humble you recently, and to cause you to admit your need for help?


Kay Heritage said...

Hooray! This is good news indeed! :)

us5 said...

thank you, Kay, for your help with attempt #3! that one was a little too complicated to explain :lol:

Judy said...

Great news sis!!!!!! I'm so glad it worked! love ya!

us5 said...

thanks, Judy! and thanks for your amazing kindness in helping me with attempt #2! ♥