Monday, April 9, 2012

buckets of dirt

Last week Elise and Amy traveled with the International High School to Cagayan De Oro,
an 8-hour bus ride to the northern coast of our island,
where Typhoon Sendong hit last December, killing hundreds, and leaving thousands homeless.

Can you spot Elise?  Fourth from left in the second row from the front!

 Here they worked with Habitat for Humanity Philippines,
back filling 26 houses during four days of work using
only shovels, buckets, and muscle power.
They claim that they worked harder than ever before in their lives.
And they've got a few bruises from those heavy dirt buckets to prove it!

On the way to the work site they drove through tent cities, filled with Filipinos waiting, hoping for a home.

Amy's on the very right in the blue hat...
 They also had opportunities to help with Bible Clubs for children hosted by local churches. 
What an amazing experience, to have a short-term mission trip right on your own island!

We are so blessed that as part-time students they were warmly welcomed to participate in the week-long trip.  Thanks to each and every one of you who made this trip possible!  

And thanks to God for allowing them the privilege of serving this way!


Rosalie said...

Wow! Good for you Amy and Elise!! Good to see you both on FB too. So looking forward to seeing you all here before too long. Love to all.

Choate Family said...

Good job, Mom and Dad, too, for encouraging your kids to be servants.


us5 said...

love to you, too! ♥ guess it's time for us to enter the modern age and get on fb... :)

us5 said...

very sweet, Joanna ♥ thanks for being so encouraging. :D

Carl G. said...

Elise and Amy, I'm so proud of you!!