Sunday, May 27, 2012


Following our time of worship and Sunday School yesterday, (top left)
this loving body of Christ laid out a huge farewell for us;
a 'despidida' or good-bye party.

JR cooked up a delicious batch of his kare-kare (thanks, JR!)
and Flor (lower left) rolled and fried 91 crisp, flavorful lumpia (you're amazing, Flor!)
Dai-dai (above, lower right photo) was mesmerized by the enticing cake.

What a feast!!

Elise (at the head of the table) and Amy (on her right)
 fellowship with some of the other youth

Ate Cathy visits with Amy and Elise

This little man munching the corn is Seth.
Seth made a farewell card for us that is priceless...

Then Kuya Harold started the program with a slide show full of memories of our time here,

Ysha, along with Yuri on the piano, played a beautiful duet

and a variety of people shared stories and memories

while the rest of us listened.
It was very fun.
 These friends know how to make you laugh and cry!

We were presented with a beautiful farewell poster
that Lois designed with well-wishes from everyone.

Then it was time to say good-bye.
Ato na mi.

We will miss you all.

Makita-kita...but we will see you again soon!

One last hop on Kuya Ron's wheels...


Rosalie said...

Thanks for sharing this! You are so loved. What a nice send-off!

Elysa said...

Love lumpia.

Don't love goodbyes.