Wednesday, May 2, 2012

join the band

Last Friday night Michael and Amy performed with their school bands;
Michael on trumpet.

It's amazing how much progress you've made in 7 months, Michael!
You sounded fabulous!

And then the high school band:

with Amy on flute.

Her solo part in "Scarborough Fair" was absolutely lovely.
But then, I'm just a little biased...

Keeping an eye on i-phone in the row ahead of us...

I couldn't resist a photo of the Sousaphone:

And Michael poses with Mr. B., 
their amazingly energetic, enthusiastic, inspirational and gifted band teacher.
Thanks for all you do, Mr. B., to bring music to our lives!

For some more artistic black and whites of the concert, see Elise's blog...


Rosalie said...

So proud of you all!

us5 said...

I know; it is amazing how much progress I've made in NINE month ;)

us5 said...

oops, sorry M. :S