Tuesday, May 15, 2012

early mother's day morning

Mother's Day morning...
I could sleep in, since our children had plans to make breakfast.
Lemon scones dripping with lemony glaze, a beautiful fruit plate and hot scrambled eggs.
Food of kings.
( Thanks you3, for a wonderful Mother's Day! ♥ )

But instead of sleeping in, at 4:30 a.m. I was woken by noises from outside;
the sound of instruments growing louder by the moment.

I was now wide awake, 
listening to the band's notes ebb and flow 
as they wended their way up and down the neighboring streets.

 I went up to the deck with my camera, hoping to catch them again.
But for a long time it was only me
and the birds
welcoming the dawn.

Finally, at 5:30, the notes grew louder, and I knew they'd be passing by soon.
But it wasn't a marching band this year,
no candles,
no following parade,
just a group of enthusiastic guys in the bed of a truck;
guys who obviously hadn't thought of sleeping in on Mother's Day!

In the morning, O LORD, You will hear my voice; 
In the morning I will order my prayer to You 
and eagerly watch.  
Psalm 5:3

But God sent them to wake me 
so that instead of ushering Mother's Day in with more sleep,
I could rise,
and in a quiet place give thanks for my own sweet mother,
now at home in Glory,
for my mother-in-law who has always shown me such love,
and for this privilege of being a mother, 
for the gift I have in parenting these three gifts of God together with Mark. 

I am eternally grateful.

I do hope you weren't woken quite as early as I, 
and that you had a wonderful Mother's Day, too!


Elysa said...

I'm glad that your Mothers Day got off to such a good start, even if it was an earlier start than you would have chosen. ;)

us5 said...

:) thanks, Elysa!

us5 said...

to bad i didn't hear the band :( if i had i could have whipped out my trumpet and started playing with them :) -Michael

us5 said...

next year! ;)