Tuesday, July 17, 2012

righteous rides

Last Wednesday noon we said bitter-sweet goodbyes to our family
and took a flight from Seattle to St. Louis.

We were met at the airport by this amazing family

who are part of the Righteous Rides team,
a dedicated group of people who minister to families like us
with van rentals for reduced rates.

Not only did they deliver this beautiful van for our use for the next several months,
but it had also been stocked with thoughtful items like this gift bag full of snacks for the road!

The K. family shared their story of God's working in their lives,
information about the van,
and then prayed for us, making us feel so very blessed.
Then we set off southward bound.
More of our trip soon!

Note: We just arrived in Savannah tonight and have been already so blessed by the people of God here.  THANK YOU to ALL of you who had a part in welcoming us!!!  We give thanks to Him for each and every one of you, and look forward to seeing you all soon!!!


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Choate Family said...

So thankful for your safe trip! May God give you rest as the "cherry on top"!