Tuesday, July 24, 2012

summer days

On our way south-ward, we stopped in Hot Springs, Arkansas to visit our dear friends,

      Hank and Jane.

They live on a lake in Hot Springs, intentionally working to create a home where their grandchildren will want to visit them.

We had the best of times enjoying the water with them. And we can see why their grands love to visit!

my handsome husband!
Michael water skiis for the first time

Then he gives advice to Amy who decided to have a go

She's up!

Hank instructs Michael in driving the boat
while Michael's poor sisters hang on for dear life on the tube behind

THANK YOU, Hank and Jane!!

**to see Mark and me on that tube, check out Elise's lake photos !


Rosalie said...

So fun to see these photos!!

Choate Family said...

You were SO CLOSE!!! Hate that we weren't able to get together, but I'm still hoping for a chance to see you "this side of glory" :-)

Anonymous said...

We sooo enjoyed your visit and being with your marvelous family. Have a good, safe time in Georgia and come back through here in December to see the 1.8 million Christmas lights in Garvan Gardens! Peace and love, Hank n Jane

us5 said...

:hugs: thanks so much to both of you!!! ♥