Saturday, July 14, 2012


Since we've been back we've been enjoying so many things about our home culture.
 And we've been caught by surprise by several things we sort of forgot about, like:

*Mail delivery...seeing the mailman delivering to each home! Now that's amazing.

* took us a few rides before it became natural to click-it again.

*Long days...being close to the equator, we've lived for 3 years with the sun setting every day by 6pm.  
The extended summer days here took us much longer to adjust to than getting over jet lag.

A&E with 2nd cousin, J!
*Feeling like eavesdroppers...we can understand everything everyone around us is saying,
 and it leaves us feeling as if we're spying on you.

*Smart phones...people around us are not just texting on those cps. 
  5 out of 6 are playing games, on facebook, or browsing the internet.

cousin K hangs out with Michael
*Looking like everyone else...we've had trouble locating the family in a crowd 
because 'everyone looks alike!'

*Soft carpet, this grass.

*Reading sale's kind of fun to browse the ads in the Sunday paper!  There's no such thing in Davao.

*Getting tans...we find we're in the sun way more here than we ever are in Davao - 
it's just way too hot under the Philippine sun!

*Oatmeal at McD’s... healthy breakfast options even at the Golden Arches?!?

*Celebrating American holidays...we forgot how special these days are.

photo by Elise

Time changes everything 
except something within us 
which is always surprised by change.
-Thomas Hardy 



OliveTree said...

I love your list! Interesting about the long days being a change for you.

Rosalie said...


Kay @ The Church Cook said...

what fun list! Blending in with the crowd has its disadvantages....

Carl G. said...

Seems everyone likes change - at least for other people!
Welcome to your other home!