Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Saying goodbye is like a mini-death, a loss, a separation.  It can’t really be done well, because, like death, it’s due to our sinful condition.  Separation from those we love on earth brings grief and sadness.  No amount of hugs and “I’ll miss you’s” is adequate to dispel the pain.  We were not created for goodbyes.  In Heaven we’ll know what we long and groan for here – the end of partings.  The ceaseless unity and fellowship of souls specifically designed for such oneness. (John 17)

Just like in death, saying goodbye hurts.  And it hurts because in some way you have blessed our lives.You have demonstrated something of Christ to us.  Thank you. 

 If you had not, it would have been easy to say goodbye.

And then we remember the goodbyes Christ said for us, so that we might know Heaven’s long hello.  

We don’t grieve like those without Christ.  Our hope is grounded in nothing less than the promises of God.  Now we get to go and share that hope.  And your prayers blaze the trail; they avail much – though we don’t understand how or why, we know they do.

So thank you for praying for us.  Please pray that, as a result of our goodbye, there will be richer, sweeter, fuller glory to God for all eternity from His entire kingdom, His perfected bride, His completed body; not one stone of His church missing.  

For He alone is worthy!


Carl G. said...

Goodbye - God be with ye!

Choate Family said...

Praying for your family! And I think I'm going to print out your post to re-read in a few months when we have to say goodbye. Thanks for your encouraging words, even if your own grief.

Anonymous said...

Farewell, our dear friends. We are so pleased we got to see you. God speed.
Hank n Jane

us5 said...

i know God will give you grace in the goodbyes, Joanna!

us5 said...

and we are SO thankful that we got to see YOU! we carry many fond memories of our time at your home! ♥

us5 said...

thanks, Carl. :)

Karen Deborah said...

Are you returning to your mission field now? God bless and keep you this year.