Monday, January 21, 2013

water under the bridge

Saturday afternoon here in Davao the rain began to fall.
And it wouldn't stop.  All through the night,
into Sunday morning, rain continued to descend.

 As the tide rose, too,
the Davao River began to swell and flood,
and some of the houses like these below were swept away,
devoured by the surge.

Walls from other homes at the river's edge were ripped away,
leaving a cutaway view inside, 
and for those families, an alarming view of the rushing river below.

Several local neighborhoods were flooded.
Mark captured these photos as we rode home from church yesterday.

 People hauled their belongings out to drier land, 
anxiously wondering how much higher the waters would rise.
Down side streets we glimpsed Filipinos wading through waters up to their chest.

 Over 30,000 Davao residents evacuated their homes this weekend,
often leaving one family member behind to protect their possessions from looters.

 As we crossed over the Davao River yesterday,
crowds lined the bridge, apprehensively watching the rushing river.

We're thankful that the rain finally did stop later on Sunday,
and when Mark ran through some of these same neighborhoods Monday morning, 
he found that the water had receded significantly.

**but in waking during Monday night I again heard the rain falling,
and now, Tuesday morning, it continues to pour.
Join us in praying for the families who have lost their homes, 
and for grace to those around us who are working to practically help them...
Muddy Michael, second from right...
We've had no flooding in our street,
but all that mud sure did make for a colorful bunch of Ultimate Frisbee players on Sunday afternoon!

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