Sunday, January 6, 2013

there and back again

We are officially back in the Philippines again,
battling jet lag,
joyful to see 'old' friends,
bunking at a guest house while we
clean up our home before moving back in!
New Year's Eve at Mark's sister's home in the Seattle area
ended with games up to the stroke of midnight
(okay, for some of us...others of us read books!)

 New Year's Day more family joined in the games,
 and we enjoyed a delicious celebratory meal
and scrumptious dessert together!
(Thank you, Mandy and Mom!)

January 2nd we left frosty Seattle,

saying final good byes at the airport,

and beginning our 29-hour journey back to Davao.

The trip was long but smooth,
except for a bit of intestinal trouble.
But now we are here,
and so very thankful for all of your prayers along our way!


Diane G said...

Thankful to read you arrived safe and sound! I'm praying all your adjustments will go smoothly, including getting over jetlag as quickly as possible.

OliveTree said...

Blessings on your first week back. It can be hard to have to clean a home, get it in shape, AND unpack while under the influence of jet lag. Grace to you!

Choate Family said...

May your family be like the tree in Psalm 1 - soaking up the life-giving water of the Holy Spirit so that whatever you do prospers!

us5 said...

thanks so much for your prayers, Diane! :) we treasure those so much...

us5 said...

thanks, Olive Tree! it's good to know others understand the challenges of transition. :)

us5 said...

what a great goal; thanks for the reminder of what really matters, Joanna. ♥