Friday, May 10, 2013

once upon a time it all came true...

Once upon a time...
there was a little six-year old girl
in a loving Filipino family who wanted to go to school.

Far away, on the other side of the world, 
there was a young American family 
of a daddy, a mommy, and two 3-year old girls.

They wanted to share God's love.

that little Filipino girl's dream
and that little family's love
came together,
and Abegail started school.

One day, ten years later,
God sent that very same family,
now with two 13-year old girls
and a 9-year old boy,

across the world to work
at the opposite end of the very same country 
where 16-year old Abegail still went to school.

After many years of hard work,
dedicated study, and God's goodness,
Abegail graduated this month from college, 
with a 2-year degree in Information and Communication Technology.

And today we met for the very first time,
 this very same family, and this very same Abegail,
to celebrate God's love
that made all of this
come true.

at the airport with Abegail, her father, and the Compassion program director
We headed to the beach, a quiet spot to get to know one another.
Three beautiful young ladies
The trip was a series of firsts for Abegail;
her first time to fly in an airplane,
 first time to take a boat ride,
first time to hold a starfish,
and first time to meet Americans.

Abegail's first time to snorkel

Abegail is beautiful, inside and out.
When she expressed thanks to us for partnering with her
to get an education, she gave the credit to God -
right where it all belongs.

Compassion International has not only worked to minister to Abegail's material needs,
but more importantly to her spirit,
guiding her toward a knowledge of God and His Word,
and she's quick to acknowledge His goodness in her life.

lunch together on the beach
What a fun and wonderful day it was! Thanks be to God for such an incredible privilege.
 God bless and keep you, Abegail,
all the days of your life.
at dinner together at the end of our day, when Abegail presented us with a box of photos of her and her family
Would you like to have an amazing true story of your own?
Consider partnering with Compassion to sponsor
a little child who has the potential to become a young woman or man of God...
you never know how God might work!


Rosalie said...

This is beautiful! Tears in my eyes.

Diane G said...

We sponsor some children but I never expect to meet any of them. What a special treat to be able to meet your sponsored child, and for her to meet you! An encouragement to all of us who don't know how things are going now for the children we've sponsored in the past. What a blessing you have been, and are, to her!

us5 said...

me too. :}

us5 said...

oh, Diane! it's so encouraging to hear of your sponsorships! we are SO aware that being able to meet Abegail was an incredible privilege for us. one we never ever dreamed of 14 years ago when we started her sponsorship. but i'd like to assure you that in everything we've seen of Compassion up-close (from their work with kids in our neighborhood, to the director who came with Abegail) we've found it to be an organization with such integrity, and with a unswerving attention to the Gospel as it impacts both the material and spiritual needs of children!

i smile to think of the meetings you may have in Heaven because of your giving... :)

Judy said...

This is a beautiful story! So amazing to see the results of your investment into Abegail's life! What a beautiful young lady! So glad you were able to spend the day with her and get to know her a little! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful story! We sponsored a little girl in Honduras for 13 years and last year she graduated out of the program. Would like to go there someday and meet her. We did exchange messages. God bless you all for your doing this for her. Hank