Wednesday, May 15, 2013

richest mom in the world

How rich I am
to be a mother.
And not just any mother,
but the mother of these precious three...
Three who rose early to love me by making a delicious Mother's Day breakfast.

Later in the day Mark whipped up his famous bean burritos 
while Elise and Amy baked and decorated chocolate delicousness.
(Michael was off winning the battle on the Ultimate Frisbee field.)

And because there must be some license to brag just a little on Mother's Day,
here's a quick glimpse at what these three of ours have been up to lately...

Reading, writing, playing flute, digital drawing,
baking, crafting, but mostly water-color painting!

 Photo shoots, poster design, power-point design, 
note card and newsletter design...all to serve others.
And to unwind?  
Piano, cooking, reading and college researching...

Hundreds of daily push ups, sit ups and dozens of chin ups, 
Ultimate Frisbee,
maintaining and flying an r/c plane with his dad, 
hanging out with friends, sound man for the school musical.

 You've come a long way guys.
Thanks for making me
the richest mom in the world.


Judy said...

Wow, Wow and Wow! You are an amazing mom and have a truly precious, talented and beautiful bunch of kids! So thankful for that blessing in your life! What a lovely Mother's day you had! I am MORE than duly impressed with that cake!!!! Beautiful design work--so perfect! And I tell you, I just take such delight in Amy's artwork!! She really needs to find a career that utilizes her talents! As does Elise as well! Both of them are so artistic in different ways! Love it! Go Michael! I can't believe all those push ups you are doing! I can barely do 3 or 4 (boy ones) and I hate push ups! As for chin ups? I can't even do one! You da man! Adorable crib photo! Where does time go??

Rosalie said...

Thanks for sharing this Barb! God has given you all great talents. You're blessed.

Kay @ The Church Cook said...

Brag on, brag on!! They are the most sweetest, beautiful, smartest, and godly children I know! All because of your DAILY loving, sacrifice! Happy Mother's Day to you, Barbs! God has richly blessed your life and children because of your obedience! Love you, my BFF!

us5 said...

:blush: thanks Judy! wish we could have shared the cake, sis. ♥

us5 said...

amen...we are blessed. and blessed by YOU and your encouragement!! ♥ wish we could have shared the cake with you, too. :D

us5 said...

♥ so sweet, Kay. but it's all by grace alone. ♥ love you too!
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