Thursday, May 2, 2013

the rest of the story

Maybe you remember the recent antics of the ants,
and how we just couldn't keep them away from our bulletin board?

Well their determination finally exceeded  my tolerance level,
so I stripped off all of your lovely Christmas cards and photos 
and the background paper, and this is what was left:
 Can you see all the paper dust on the board and on the stairs below?
And the board was littered with ants busily running out of one tack hole into another.

So we took our handy vacuum and sucked up all the white dust,
and any moving ant in the vicinity.
Then I sprayed it down with a body spray.
(Seriously, folks, ants really don't like the stuff.)

The next day, I saw Amy paused next to the board on her way upstairs.
"Can you hear them, Mom?"
It was unbelievable.  
With my ear an inch or two away, it sounded like the board was alive.

There was scurrying and rustling, and we realized,
we are hosting a nest of ants.

Several vacuumings
and even more dousings of body spray later,
it's now eerily quiet inside our bulletin board.

I think...
the ants might be gone...

Or maybe they've just moved back to the kitchen...


Leslie said...

Oh no! I do hope you have gotten rid of them!


Rosalie said...

YAY!! You conquered! So happy for you.

us5 said...

thank you, Leslie! :) i think the ants have truly evacuated their nest. hooray! as for the rest of the house...i think it's just going to be a constant battle ;p

us5 said...

the battle is won! the war rages on... ;)

Choate Family said...

Soon, we'll be fighting that war right along with you, but for now, I have to admit I'm enjoying being a less than fastidious housekeeper in the "clean" USA!