Saturday, June 1, 2013

a universal language

Our 2012/2013 school year came to a close on May 24th,
and last week Amy and Michael spent their first week of vacation at Orchestra Camp
with about 70 other students from all over Davao.

A guest conductor from California
 along with the music teacher from the international school led the camp, 
and blessed a wide variety of kids with their enthusiasm and leadership.

 Michael on trumpet

Amy on flute (in middle row)

There were so many participants that at the final concert,
the audience had to sit on the stage to make room on the floor for all of the musicians!

The performance was excellent,
as students from many nations combined
in a beautiful expression of the universal language of music.

 Thanks to all of you who made this happen, 
but especially to Mr. and Mrs. B!


Judy said...

Very cool! What a great opportunity! Wish I could have been part of the audience up on the stage!

us5 said...

we wish you had been there, too, Judy!! ♥

Choate Family said...

Orchestra camp?!? What a treat to be able to participate :-) We're trying to decide if we should take Benjamin's low-end viola to the Solomon Islands to see if it will die a slow, moldy death. Music is such a gift!