Thursday, June 6, 2013

one inch high and rising

Mark and I were on Skype with our supervisor in the US
when our kids opened the door at 9:30 last night.
"Sorry to interrupt," they said, "but the house is flooding."

I turned around in my chair, and sure enough, 
12 inches behind me stood a pool of water that had silently ebbed in through the door.  
That Skype call ended quick.  (Sorry, J!)
water seeping into the study
Earlier in the evening heavy rain had begun, accompanied by impressive lightning
 and thunder that seemed to clap right over our roof.
Elise had come in to where we were reading and said,
"I need some help out here.
The driving rain was pelting through windows, and our kitchen counters and floor were drenched.
We mopped it up pretty quickly, and joined our neighbor in the driveway to watch the water flow by in the street outside.  Though it lapped at our gate, it didn't come in.

So we had closed things up for the night and proceeded with our scheduled Skype
to the sound of falling rain outside the window,
unaware that the water was rising higher than it's ever risen in our neighborhood.

outside our front door, shoes float around our neighbor's vehicle
When the kids interrupted our call,
the water had filled our driveway, 

floating door mat, shoes and trash can in our driveway
and was seeping through the front door into the living room.
We now know the low spots at our house:
our study and our bedroom.

not so much water, but enough to make a mess!
(Thankfully it's not the bodega, Becky and Lorine!)
Water also seeped from the sewer up through the shower drain in the bathroom,
into our study.  Not the pleasantest of smells.

When the water on the street outside your house is this high

both the above photos taken from our deck
 there's really not much you can do about draining your floors.
(It was just an inch or two inside, so very minor water, guys!)

Michael did rig up his little water pump, 

and filled buckets full of dirty water!
(He dumped them down the shower until we realized that the sewage was backing up...)

We gave thanks for an upstairs, 
and took our mattress up to camp out on the landing for the night.

This morning the water levels had dropped,
so we made breakfast around the piles of furniture staying dry in our kitchen,

and got to work emptying rooms, sopping up water, and getting things clean and dry.

We're giving thanks today...
that our house doesn't usually flood,
for health and strength to clean up the mess,
for running water to clean (it was shut off last night)
and for home and safety and all of God's goodness to teach us more thankfulness 
even through a flood.
The LORD sits enthroned over the flood; 
the LORD sits enthroned as king forever.
Psalm 29:10


Rosalie said...

This reminded me of one of my favorite songs:

Hide me now under your wings
Cover me within your mighty hand

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God

Find rest my soul, in Christ alone
Know his power in quietness and trust . . .

Choate Family said...

Go team! Way to work together to clean up that mess :-)

Kay @ The Church Cook said...

Giving thanks in ALL circumstances, that's my BFF alright. Glad you had the second floor to sleep on. hugs!

us5 said... my soul, in Christ alone...

great words, Rosalie, thank you.

us5 said...


us5 said...

keep reminding me to give thanks, Kay!!! i need all the encouragement i can get to cultivate a grateful heart ♥

Diane G said...

What a mess! But great team work in the clean-up! I guess they don't do sandbagging in Davao. It's great that the rain let up soon enough for the drains to flow by morning, as well as for the water to come back on. You five sure are learning flexibility!

Anonymous said...

A tropical monsoon! Good job with that little pump. Sandbags maybe - just in case?