Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Yesterday we celebrated Mark's birthday...
a milestone year!

It started with a competitive game of Dutch Blitz

and a walk in cool Eden (a nature park 1 hour from home)

While Mark worked in the afternoon
 we frosted his cake,

and did the dishes in the shower
 since the water pressure in the kitchen was out!

Mark's request - spaghetti for dinner!
This is standard Filipino birthday fare - 
the long noodles signify best wishes for a  long life.

Then it was time for birthday cards and gifts,

including a stack of surprise Birthday salutations...
from YOU!  
Thanks so much to all of you who wrote to wish Mark a Happy Birthday!!

Fifty years...
incredibly young in light of eternity!

(and may I add...more handsome than ever...!)


Anonymous said...

What a nice birthday! Looks like Mark didn't stand very close to the razor when he shaved in the morning. Hank n Jane

Judy said...

Love the photo of Michael and Mark! Looks like it was a fun day!

us5 said...

:D i like his beard, Hank & Jane! :)

us5 said...

i liked that pic, too. ♥ thanks, Elise for sharing it! :)