Thursday, November 28, 2013

gathered to give thanks

Wishing you hearts full of thankfulness this Thanksgiving!

 I'm thankful today for helping hands in the kitchen; for the joy of cooking with my daughters!

For the beauty of cherry pie...isn't it fun?
Thank you, Elise!

 And for water-color painted name tags.
Thank you, Amy!

 Thankful that though we live in another country where Thanksgiving is not a holiday,
and where our kids still had classes at school, Mark still had work, and Amy and Elise still needed a glass of Gatorade after a basketball practice that lasted til 5, yet we can still celebrate.

Thankful that even here, without the usual trimmings,
we feasted on this amazingly special treat of a moist and delicious turkey!
Thanks so very much, C family...and especially to Abigail(above), and to her sister who combined skill to prepare it.  
That turkey was fabulous!
Thankful for the full bounty of the feast; 
just about every dish traditional to our memories of Thanksgiving...
(and even a few new ones, like the root beer float, Yuri!)

And thankful for a very international group of thankful friends to celebrate with us.
Americans, Japanese and Filipinos...
together with hearts of thanks,
unified in the One Who deserves all our thanks!

...gather us from among the nations, 
that we may give thanks to Your holy name 
and glory in Your praise.
Psalm 106:47


Betsy Cruz said...

Oh Barbara, what a beautiful Thanksgiving you had. We had Turks, Meicans, Brazilians, a Swede, Iranians, and Americans. Also a crowd, just a few more than you had.

Hope you can rest today!

Judy said...

Looks like a wonderful time! So glad you could feast on a traditional turkey! That cherry pie and the name cards were works of art!!!! Lovely!

Rosalie said...


us5 said...

wow, Betsy! you've been busy!!

thanks for stopping by, Judy and Rosalie ♥ miss you both...♥♥