Thursday, November 7, 2013

make themselves heard

Photos by Elise
I love listening to Michael practicing his trumpet each day.
It reminds me of the great personality God gave to Michael - a personality bold to make that trumpet resound off of all the neighboring concrete buildings, resonating down the street and up to the school campus.
I would have rather died than make so much noise in 8th grade.

I love to hear the clear, bright tones 
and the enthusiasm Michael brings to them.
I love the gorgeous music he makes!
Michael with the Advanced Band - he's on the far right
And I love even more to hear his trumpet lifted in unison together with the band,
bringing praise to God through this gift of music. was the duty of the trumpeters and singers 
to make themselves heard in unison 
in praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.
2 Chronicles 5:13

In his concert last Thursday evening, Michael soloed professionally,
and harmonized beautifully, thanks to the excellent direction of his teacher
(and fellow Ultimate Frisbee player!) Mr. B.

Mr. B. and Michael
Where words fail,
Music speaks.
- Hans Christian Andersen

Giving thanks today for our son,
for his dedicated teacher,
and for the trumpet that is his voice,
boldly proclaimed in melodious praise to God!

(And for those of you who think Michael hasn't grown, check out 
the photo at the bottom of this post posed with Mr. B. 1 1/2 years ago!)


Barbara said...

Praying for your safety tonight....

Judy said...

Wish I could hear those trumpet sounds! And yes! I really see a difference in Michael...looks like he has really grown and changed since I last saw him!