Saturday, April 26, 2014

all very good

As part of the Holy Week Retreat last weekend,
our family joined the church on a very special excursion.

We met at the dock and boarded a large pump boat, 
off for the day to visit coral reefs and a beach where we could together enjoy the beauties of this country.

 I was surprised at how many of our friends had never been on a similar boat trip before.
We've had the privilege of doing this many times, and I'm afraid that we sometimes take it for granted.

 Because it was so new to many, it was all the more fun,
as we savored it in a fresh way through their eyes.

 And while we sat out enjoying the sun,

 our beautiful Filipino friends carefully slathered on the sunblock,
since in their culture, light skin is coveted!

 At one of the dive spots, Michael hangs out on an outrigger with friends.

 There was some great snorkeling, (Elise and Amy above)
with multi-colored coral and fish.

 Many tried snorkeling for the first time,

 and others were content to hang out in the shade, enjoying the water and the fun!

We reminded our Filipino friends that there's nothing like this in our home country -

 God has graced the Philippines with much beauty.
And we will miss the beauties of these people and of their land.
But they will continue to be reminders of the goodness of our Lord,
and of the far greater loveliness of the eternal fellowship in the place that He is preparing for all of us!

God saw all that He had made, 
and behold, 
it was very good. 
Genesis 1:31


Judy said...

Great photos! Love the family one! And the snorkeling one is pretty cool too :~)

us5 said...

the snorkeling one was a selfie. :D and i think Elise took the coral one, too...

Rosalie said...