Tuesday, April 15, 2014

hairy situation

As we anticipate leaving the Philippines next month,
and all that entails,
I find myself thinking about things that I will very much miss about this special place.

One thing I'll miss is this normally mundane event of getting a hair cut.

 Because here in the Philippines, it's not your routine Supercuts experience.

When we arrive at Alexandra's, one of her staff opens the door with a friendly greeting.
Another takes us back to the sink for a hair wash.  
The water's cold, but the scalp massage is warm and soothing.
She then leads us to a chair, provides magazines, 
and asks if we want a pedicure or manicure today?

After combing out our hair, if the stylist (there is only one) is busy,
an assistant will often give us 
a shoulder or back massage while we wait.
One assistant, the receptionist and stylist, all happy to pose with Amy
The stylist then goes to work, 
after which an assistant in purple comes back to dry our hair thoroughly.
The stylist then returns to go over it all again with a fine-tooth comb, 
making sure every hair is the perfect length.

The process usually takes about an hour,
and I've never before had such an excellent stylist.

So, what's the cost for all of that service?
250 pesos.
That's roughly equal to a grand total of
six dollars.

Yes, I'm going to miss this place.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a deal. One of my good friends in my company met a young Filipino nursing student on the beach in Galveston many years ago. She was from Mindanao and was attending UT Galveston School of Nursing,. They dated several years, got married and had 3 boys. He is retired as I am and they still live in Atascocita. Her name is Minda and she looks just like the stylist in these pictures - the one with the red apron.

thechurchcook said...

That kind of service is going to be very hard to find here! Not of $6 any way.... :/

us5 said...

wow , Hank! maybe Minda's a relative!

and yes, Kay...i'll be learning how to cut me own locks, i think! ;)

Betsy Cruz said...

Oh, I can relate! Turkish service isn't quite as good as what you're getting though, and it just a bit more expensive, still the hair wash, careful haircut and styling make you feel pampered.

You're leaving there? Returning to America?

Rosalie said...

Wow! That's amazing.

Karen Deborah said...

Wow leave her a great tip. We could learn a few things around here couldn't we?