Tuesday, April 8, 2014

right on track

is always a fun chance to cheer our student body on.
This year the high school joined too.
Amy and Michael were both competitors,
Elise took photos and helped guide one of the elementary classes,
while Mark and I (thanks for the photo, J!) 
and others too (aren't they the cutest of spectators?)
watched from the sidelines, sporting team colors.

In union there is strength. 

The 1K was an optional event for middle and high school combined.  Michael (in the lime green shirt) started out far behind the high school competitors.  But after a couple of laps, his steady pace passed them by, and (congratulations, Michael!) he finished first!

Amy (in red) competes while Elise (in green) works as a helper

What a fun all-school event!  
A great start to the last quarter of school.
A great way for all ages to work together toward a common goal... 

...standing firm in one spirit, 
with one mind striving side by side
 for the faith of the gospel...
Philippians 1:27


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Michael!

thechurchcook said...

Yeah, Michael! JH loves to run long distance too! Can't wait to see you both in a 5k here!

us5 said...

Michael's looking forward to that 5k too, Churchcook! :D