Tuesday, May 13, 2014

a new nest

It's the season again to sell what we own...to take apart the twigs of our nest.  

Eager shoppers wait for our garage sale to begin!
These bits and pieces of furnishings and possessions were individually not of that much value, but they had been gathered over the past 5 years to compose our home, our family's haven. 

Amy prepares for the flood of customers
Since we will be moving on to another phase, a new position in a partner organization, we won't be returning here to Davao. So we laid all of these elements of home out to be gathered by others who came to pick up fragments that will be of use in their own homes and families.

While friends and strangers browsed and bought bits of our home, some commented that they had come to find mementos of us.  And as they left with this and that to feather their own nests, I realized that it's not the things I'll miss - it's these sweet people and the friendships we've grown.
Sweet friends come to shop and to visit

In a sense it's a sad thing to again have no home, to be reduced to the minimum, 
flying away to find a new spot, 
to build a new nest, create a new place for our family.  

The sale was almost like a party, friends staying for an hour or two to shop and talk and help one another!
 But I have a feeling it's also the very best place we could be.  
Purged of the clutter of these temporary possessions,
we have a new vantage from which we can look all the more eagerly
for the eternal home being prepared for us.

 As if that's not enough blessing, in God's comforting goodness,
He painted a picture this week right outside our kitchen window
of His perfect care for us.

built her little nest
right here.

Just where I'd see it
and be reminded that it really doesn't take much to build a new home.

Only a little courage and time,
a few twigs and feathers,
all supplied by the One Who cares for me,
and filled with family and love and His nearness -
not one of which are lost in this move.

 And He said, 
“My presence will go with you, 
and I will give you rest.”
Exodus 33:14

Thanks so very much to all who have helped us, 
and prayed for us through these transitions.  
Please keep praying...
the transitions are challenging, 
and we treasure your intercessions.
♥ us5 


Rosalie said...

I just love the heart of these locals that you have portrayed beautifully through your blog! Relationship is so important to them. A beautiful mirroring of the heart of Jesus!

Judy said...

Made tears come to my eyes to see how God has made His presence and care in your life made known to you through the little bird building it's nest. What a loving, kind, comforting God we have! Just love how He reveals Himself in such gentle, quiet ways, reassuring us of His loving care. What a lovely treasure!