Thursday, May 22, 2014

presenting the class of 2014

Graduation - Thursday, May 22nd
Congratulations, Amy and Elise...
we are delighted in each of you...
profoundly thankful for both of you, 
and for the wonderful people who have impacted you here in Davao.
 We're so excited to see what God will do in the coming months and years of your lives.
 May you never know an hour apart from Him,
and may His goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your lives.

"You'll travel where my arms won't reach
As the road will rise to lead your feet
On a journey of your own.
May my mistakes not hinder you
But His grace remain and guide you through;
This is my prayer for you.

Take His hand
And go where He calls you to.
And whatever comes, seek Him
With all your heart;
This will be my prayer for you.

Father, hear my ceaseless prayer;
Oh keep them in your care."
From: A Mother's Prayer
by Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty,
and Fionan de Barra


thechurchcook said...

Congratulations to my dearest Amy and Lise! Love you both and so proud of you!!

Rosalie said...

Tears. How did they grow up so fast? Congrats Amy and Elise!! Love you much.