Monday, July 7, 2014

on the road

We finished up our time in Seattle with more good byes,
thankful for the opportunity to spend time with so many we love.
Then on July 31st we began our journey south.

We experienced just a little bit of adventure in northern California
as our alternator gave up the ghost on a barren stretch,
but with the help of a good Samaritan
and a convenient garage, we were quickly on the road again.
 Near Sacramento we attended a baseball game for the college team of Barbara's nephew.
It was a perfect slice of high scoring game with amazing fireworks at the end.
Proud of you, B!

We also spent a night with Barbara's eldest brother who taught us how to eat artichokes.
 We had so much fun looking at old photos, we totally forgot to take any new ones with you guys!
But we left with great memories...thank you, C and D!

Then we trekked on further south where we spent the fourth of July weekend
with more family, more fireworks, and more great memories.
For pictures of some of the crazy fireworks Barbara's brother helped Michael to set off in his driveway on the 4th, check out Elise's newest photos here.
THANKS, S, B and W, for a great time with you guys!

We also had some special fellowship with a local supporting church here in town yesterday; 
we are encouraged by such love among the people of God.

Today we turn eastward, continuing our cross-country journey,
looking forward to how God will continue to lead in the days ahead...

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C.P.H said...

Love those shades, Michael! <3