Wednesday, May 12, 2010

shy grass

Shy grass is a plant that grows here in the Philippines. It is very prickly and usually grows in grass. Shy grass blends in very well with the grass, and is so tiny, that we often step on it by mistake.

OUCH! It hurts to step on shy grass....and its small prickles are hard to get out of our feet!

An interesting aspect of shy grass is that when you touch it, its leaves quickly fold together.
We enjoy watching the reaction of the plant when we touch it gently with our finger, but dread stepping on it unawares!

-written by Amy and Elise

-pain modeled by Michael


Rosalie said...

Interesting! Keep those flip flops on!

The Church Cook said...

You have a great model/actor there! I can almost feel his pain!

Carl G. said...

Shy grass, my foot! Sounds pretty brazen to me!