Friday, May 28, 2010

summer break

This was the last week of school!
We are officially on summer break now.

One day during this last week I substituted in the Kindergarten classroom again, since the teacher was called back to the U.S. for a death in the family.

Elise, Michael and Amy joined me in the afternoon, and I asked Amy to share some of her origami designs with the students. They loved seeing the intricate designs Amy has made.

The rotating 'firework'

The collapsing caterpillar and the drinking bird

And finally, Amy and Elise taught them how to make their own simple origami dogs.
It was a fun opportunity for our home school students to serve the school students!

Good teachers in schools for MKs are always needed! If you are a teacher, consider investing some time in an international school. I wouldn't be surprised if the benefits were far beyond your imagination!


Heritage Clan said...

Looks like you have two wonderful teachers there! Girls look perfectly comfortable with the children~

us5 said...

all these new challenges are making them much more willing to step out of their comfort zone ;o)