Monday, July 26, 2010

chipping in

Though we enjoy lots of familiar brands, the products aren't always quite the same.
Amy's been intrigued lately by the various types of chips we've found. Below are a few:

From Pringles: Smoky BBQ, (that's not so strange)
Lemon & Sesame
Blueberry & Hazelnut

And from Lays: Ham Barbeque and
Seafood Nori Seaweed

Now have we just been away from the U.S. too long, or are these a little different than what's found in your average Walmart?


Heritage Clan said...

Mmmmm, seafood Nori Seaweed!!! I would love that. Wish those were sold here is US. ;)

us5 said...

i'll try to remember to bring you some. ;o)

Judy said...

Hmmm. Blueberry hazelnut and lemon sesame might be worth a try. Have you tried them yet?