Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last Saturday, our family was privileged to attend the first (as far as is known) Home School Meeting held in the city of Davao. We met with four Filipino families who are homeschooling pioneers in their country. The deep convictions they have and the sacrifices they have made in order to educate their children outside of the regular school system are humbling and challenging.

They were so gracious to us, holding the meeting in English for our benefit. We look forward to learning from and getting to know this group of Filipinos better over the course of the school year, since they plan to continue to meet regularly.

For us it's a unique opportunity to begin to grow relationships in a new setting!


Julie said...

What a wonderful opportunity! I hope you make lifelong friends.

us5 said...

thanks, Julie! :D we hope so, too!

Ginger Thompson said...

Wow! What a privilege. We know your family is great support to those home school pioneers.

us5 said...

hi Ginger! your family encourages US greatly by your prayers!