Friday, April 15, 2011

crystal-clear surprise

   Visiting friends for the weekend in a remote Filipino village, Steve* stood leaning against a woven straw house in the shade to escape the heat of the afternoon sun.
   An old Filipino man dressed in nothing but a g-string came and squatted on the ground next to Steve.  Steve squatted down to join him.  Soon the old man companionably laid a hand on Steve's knee.  So Steve laid a hand on the old man's knee.  
   They squatted there for some time; two men from different worlds, united in a silent exchange of friendliness.  
   Suddenly the old man spoke, and to Steve's surprise, in crystal-clear English asked, "Who is your favorite American President?  Mine is Theodore Roosevelt."

*Steve, who has taught Bible to Amy and Elise this year, is a beloved story-teller and shared this fun story with their class

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