Friday, April 29, 2011

no anonymity

Bright morning sun already blazed hot on each back 
as our family walked up the street early that day.  
We were on our way to an appointment, 
heading together toward the school.

On the way, we saw ahead this armored car, 
stopped in front of a private home. 

A guard with a rifle stood behind the vehicle.

As we passed the car, the driver's door suddenly popped open.

Quite unexpectedly, 
the driver stuck his head out, 
smiled at us, 
and pleasantly hollered to Michael,
"Hello, cute boy!"
before shutting and securing his door again.

I'm afraid that there is no anonymity for us here. 
Michael especially gets regular smiles,
pats on the head,
high fives,
and greetings from all sorts of local people.

Even armored car drivers.

(others of us could tell you stories too.
but I promised the girls I wouldn't tell theirs...
not yet, anyway...)

1 comment:

Judy said...

Well, I'd have to agree he IS a pretty cute boy!!! I'm sure he loves that description of himself!!