Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Living in a foreign culture, life doesn't always go as planned,
and things we take for granted in our home culture are often just not relevant anymore.

We experienced a few opportunities to practice flexibility this Easter...

We may have had a blackout when we woke on Easter morning,
but the sun was shining brightly and the birds still sang!

It may have been hot enough to melt the frosting crosses 
on the not hot anymore 
 hot cross buns I baked the day before,
but we enjoyed refreshingly cool fruit alongside.

We may not have had any chocolate Easter bunnies, no Cadbury eggs or jellybeans, 
but we did find some great imported treats to enjoy. 
(m&ms, mini Hershey bars, chocolate kisses! yum! what a treat!)

The ants may have all descended on the flowers Michael picked 
and put in a vase to grace our breakfast table,
but at least they waited until after breakfast was over!

We may still not have had any electricity by noontime,
but we had more than enough food even without the meat we planned to cook.

Michael's resurrection garden might not have all filled out with lush green,
but we could still celebrate the rolling away of the stone!

And though we were far from home,
we still could sing together with other believers
the victorious music of Easter;
"Up from the grave He arose!"
and  together with you we rejoice in knowing that we serve a risen Savior!

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