Friday, January 6, 2012

here we go a'caroling

Each December it's a tradition for Amy, Elise and I to watch one of our favorite movies,
Little Women.
It always makes me cry.  
But my daughters still love me.

One of my favorite scenes is the one 
where Jo and her sisters stroll merrily through the snow, 
bearing food for their poor neighbors 
while singing "Here We Go A-Wassailing".

I never dreamed that I would be similarly serenaded at Christmastime.

But every December, 
from the very first day of the month,
Filipinos celebrate by going from gate to gate, 
caroling and hoping for some pesos or a treat in return.

It sounds like a lovely idea,
but after about the third night of carolers every ten minutes, 
singing the same three songs, 
and repeatedly calling out "Advance Merry Chreestmas!" 
in hopes of some return,
it's easy to feel like it's a rerun of Halloween each night. 

Still, some groups try harder than others.
This group was definitely not Jo March and her sisters,

but they had obviously put some thought into their performance,
and they reminded me of how God has given us special gifts here
that we never would have expected.

Like serenading carolers at our gate.

What surprising gifts has He brought your way?


OliveTree said...

Caroling all month? That is really interesting. Every part of the globe is bursting with different expressions of human creativity and human need!

Choate Family said...

They do the same thing here, except they usually come betwee 10 p.m. and midnight!

us5 said...

Joanna! :gasp: all month?!? how do you get any sleep?!?!