Monday, January 2, 2012

a day in our life

Each and every one of our days is different,
but we welcome you to join us for a look at a typical day
in the life of our family!

5:30 am: The sun has risen,
and our cat, perched in her favorite window, is just waking.

6 am:  Amy and Elise check their email.
Elise is wrapped in a shawl, commenting on how cold the morning feels. 
I check the thermometer. 
It reads 80.

Breakfast for Amy is always small - it's her least favorite meal of the day.  
She'd rather be reading.

6:45 am: Mark gets home from his morning run

No morning is complete without my cup of tea!
Yes, hot tea,
even when it's 80 outside.

Tsinelas the cat climbs the door to peek in and remind us to give her breakfast, too.

7 a.m.: Breakfast dishes are done, and studies begin

Michael sees Mark out the gate, on his way to work

I hang a load of laundry, trying to maximize the days' drying time

Studies continue, including Algebra II,

World History...

and trumpet practice.

The morning flies by, and Mark is on his way home for lunch.

After lunch Mark does a book study with Michael,

and everyone has classes at the international school:
here Michael participates in P.E.,

Elise and Amy study Tagalog in their outdoor classroom with Ate Bebe,

and Amy's on her way home from her Instrumental Music class.

Neighborhood kids stop by to draw.
Since their teacher is 'sakit' or sick this afternoon, there are no classes.

Kenneth and Neil are fascinated by Michael's newest earthworks project -
a mini waterfall and river, road system and runway for Matchbox-sized vehicles.

Kenneth asks to take a photo of his favorite scene.

After the neighbor children leave, 
I hop on a jeepney to this nearby mall to buy a few groceries.

I arrive home to find Elise experimenting with reflectors 
for her photography course,

and Michael's up at the school playing with friends,

while Amy is memorizing a verse for her Tagalog class.

I spend an hour or two producing and laminating some bookmarks for a fellow-worker's use, editing newsletters, correcting schoolwork, or whatever else needs to be done that day.

A classmate comes by to work on a homework assignment with Amy.

Then it's time for dinner!  
Elise often comes alongside to help with dinner prep, 
and when Amy's really hungry, she offers to help, too.  

This day Michael was out working 
until nightfall
pouring the concrete for his mini runway.

Dinner's served!

After the jr. members have finished the dinner dishes, we often assemble in the computer room, turn on the air con, and relax together reading, enjoying a bit of dessert (mango crisp in the photo above!), playing games, doing homework or crafts, or watching a movie together, 
and then ending the day with our Family Worship.  
It's a sweet time of the day.

Then off to bed for the jr. members, to read and sink into sleep while Mark and I read, or catch up on correspondence, or on other work or relaxation - like Mark's puzzle above, (which he finished at 10:45 last night)
before slumbers and another new morning...

Thanks for joining us for the day!

This is the day that the LORD has made; 
let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


Carl G. said...

Thanks for giving us a peek into daily life for you guys - your live's are full!

Rosalie said...

Thank you for this! I appreciated being able to see what a day is like for you. Love you all!

us5 said...

thank YOU, Carl and Rosalie, for spending time here with us! :D

Kay said...

What a wonderful and productive day you have!! :) Love seeing how you spend your typical school day.

Judy said...

Wow! What a full and busy day. Hard at work by 7 am?? We are still sound asleep in our cozy beds (Of course it is still dark as can be here at 7 am!)
Love Michael's creativity in the yard! What fun!

us5 said...

Kay...our days are a little different than your busy days, eh? i.e.:NO hours in the car!! :eek:

Judy...of course, we're usually tucked back up in our cozy beds long before you would be, too ;) but then God created you to be the night owl, not me!

Choate Family said...

How do you start school by 7?!? We're pushing to get the morning chores done and get school going by 8! In the village it's even later since we have more work to do. It's always so nice to see what somebody's "normal" day looks like - thanks for sharing :-)

us5 said...

be encouraged, Joanna; our jr. members are a little older than yours. ;) and when the sun rises by 5:30, there's time to slip in a few of those chores before 7!

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

loved this post... have a blessed day!