Wednesday, January 25, 2012

in a dirty kitchen

Last weekend, our friend Ate Fely (below on left) who is a professor at a local university,
invited our family along with some other out-of-town visitors 
to her home for dinner.

When we arrived, Ate Fely and Tata were out in the dirty kitchen
working on the meal.
One thing I learned soon after I arrived in the Philippines
is that the term 'dirty kitchen' is not a negative one!  
It's simply the name of an outdoor room (often adjacent to the indoor kitchen) 
where the real dirty work of cooking takes place.

Here Tata is busy at the dirty kitchen sink, washing up dishes,

while above, Cathy and Chrissie keep an eye on the meat on the outdoor gas cook stoves.

This dirty kitchen is also a laundry room - you can see Fely's clean clothes drying overhead.

Meanwhile, in the indoor kitchen, other preparation was going on.
Ligaya was mixing up my personal favorite, 
a big jug of fresh mango juice.

 This is just about the best drink you've ever had.

Other fruit, salads, and rice were cut and cooked inside. 
They even let me help by slicing the watermelon.
That's a true sign of friendship, when you're allowed to help! :)

Tables were carefully set up in Fely's front yard, 
next to the taxi and the nipa hut.
Fely's son drives the taxi; 
he's allowed to operate a single private taxi with a special license from the city.

 The nipa hut has a bathroom, complete with a bathtub (not many of those in this country!)
and an open area with foam mattresses where Fely and her daughter sometimes sleep at night.

It was a special event for us to be invited to her home.

Mark, at the far end of the table

Fely had prepared a lovely meal, and the fellowship was lovely, too.

Elise, Amy and Michael enjoyed visiting with Tata and Chrissie

Fely, Cathy and Barbara share some laughter

These are my sisters in Christ!  And for once in my life, they make me feel tall.  :)

We were richly blessed with true Filipino hospitality.
Daghang salamat po*, Ate Fely!

*many thanks!


OliveTree said...

What a lovely post. What a gracious friend.

The dirty kitchen looks quite similar to the utility rooms outside the houses in El Salvador too! Same tin roof, hanging laundry and large sink...

Kay said...

What rich fellowship with the saints! Love to see the outdoor kitchen there. And oh, my. You are very tall indeed, over there. :)

us5 said...

wow, Olive Tree - it's interesting to hear of the similarities to El Salvador!

hey, Kay! the kitchen isn't exactly like the ones you are queen of, is it? :) and it's true...i never looked so tall next to YOU! ;)