Saturday, March 24, 2012


Happy 12th Birthday, Michael!!
Today we celebrate you, and the life God has given to you.
We celebrate the joy you've brought to our family, 
and to so many others, too!  

The following are some of my favorite shots of Michael over this past year:

Last Easter with his good friend, Pau

A theological discussion with Pak A

And on Pak A's motorcycle!
Visiting a monkey preservation
With a friendly guy on public transit

With Mark overlooking rice terraces

Learning to surf

First year on the trumpet

Wave boarding with J.

On the back of Kuya Ronnie's trike

Enlarging the drainage hole in Filipino work-gear

Celebrating a Bible translation with Matigsalug boys!
With Tsinelas, our cat, and his big sister Amy
Walking to church in the village with Dad and Mr. H.
and with all the men in batik at church!

Making friends in the village...
...and leading the pack of boys to play a game of Frisbee
In a relay at school

and placing in a Christmas city fun run
At Christmas with his little buddy, E.

 You have made friends of all ages wherever you go, Michael.
We look forward to seeing what new friends you'll gain this year!
 But our greatest hope is that you will find in Christ your closest friend of all...
...there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
Proverbs 18:24

May God bless and keep you every day of your 12th year, Michael!

For some fun photos of Michael's birthday, visit Elise's blog!


Rosalie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael!! Hope you have a really fun day and a great year being 12! Looking forward to seeing you in June. Love, Aunt Rosalie

Miss Kay said...

Oh, dearest Michael! The Heritages want to tell you how much we love you! Happy Birthday Day!!! Can't believe just 10 years ago, Anna, KK, and Christian enjoyed the best "Dump Truck Cake" with you!

Barbara said...

How wonderful! Happy Birthday!

Judy said...

what a year full of fun and adventure you've had Michael! Hope this next year is a great one too....looking forward to sharing part of it with you :-) Happy Birthday yesterday!