Saturday, March 31, 2012

oh, shoot!

It's a war zone in our house tonight.
A Nerf war zone that is.

These three good friends of Michael's, J, J, and B, 
came over to belatedly celebrate Michael's 12th birthday.

First they checked out the arsenal everyone had brought,
then they chose teams,
laid plans, and set up the field.

Time for war.

You can climb on the furniture only in life-or-death situations.
I guess a war qualifies.

Happy Birthday, Michael.
 May you always have such great friends
 to help you celebrate the life God has given you!

we'll be finding bullets for days...♥


Lois said...

Happy Birthday Michael! Looks like fun!

Carl G. said...

Oh, shoot!

us5 said...

eureka! you found it! the PERFECT title. i'm off to change this one right now... thanks, Carl! :D

us5 said...

:) thanks!!

Kay said...

Great to see that you are getting in shape, Michael. Christian is already planning an airsoft war in our woods in honor of your visit in the summer! :)

us5 said...

Christian!!! you should know that this will be like a dream-come-true for Michael!! he's been HOPING for something like this!!! :D his dad told him, 'you have no airsoft're going to get shot a lot!' but maybe he'll find someone willing to loan him one...

Kay said...

Christian has enough weapons for the entire army! No worries, Michael. CH just designed a new team flag. Pretty awesome. :)