Sunday, March 11, 2012

man of the house

Mark was only 18 hours into his 26-day trip out of the country when the first mishap occurred.

Amy and Elise's bedroom door blew shut in a cross-breeze, and the lock on the door knob jammed simultaneously.  They were both outside their room, the door was shut fast, and no key could have unlocked that crazy door.

Without hesitation, Michael rose to his new role as man of the house, confident that he knew how to handle this.  He had watched his dad deal with the same eventuality when it had happened to his own bedroom door months ago.  He headed for the tool box, grabbed a wrench, and got to work.

In no time at all Michael had that door knob wrenched off, and then, together with a little mechanical advice from Amy, who happens to think mechanically, he was able to dislodge the jam and give his sisters access again to their room.

His sisters were relieved, 
my pulse slowed to normal, 
and Michael was feeling pretty good about taking care of us womenfolk. 
On top of that, what could be more fun for an 11 year old boy
than to have a good reason to rip off a doorknob?

This Saturday, after Mark bought a new knob, Michael installed it, so the door is now as good as new.  
Thanks so much, Michael!


Carl G. said...

Michael - so glad things are opening up for you! Good work!

Barbara said...

It is a special kind of joy for a mother, to see her son begin to grow up in that way. Always a great joy, and a great gift. :)

Kay @ The Church Cook said...

Oh, dear Michael! It seems like yesterday we visited you on your second b-day, with dump truck cake at all! Hold on to these special moments, Barb! :)

us5 said...

ha! trademark comment, Carl!

us5 said...

yes, Barbara! i'm very thankful...

us5 said...

you're right...that DOES seem like yesterday, Kay. where did our little boys go?!?

Rosalie said...

So proud of you Michael!!