Monday, March 19, 2012

twice as nice

We're giving thanks today for two special reasons:

      *First, Amy and Elise are back from their trip up to Subic, a city just a few hours north-east of Manila, where they traveled with their soccer team for a tournament last weekend.  They came home with a beautiful crystal soccer ball trophy, having won 2nd place in the eight-school tournament after an intense Championship game, playing into overtime and winding up with a shootout. Welcome home, and way to play!!  You can see more photos of their trip here at Elise's blog!

Elise (on R) and Amy (2nd from Left) take a break with friends between games

        *Second, we officially, as of this weekend, have renters for our house here in Davao during our months of home assignment!!  Hurray!!   This means that we'll be able to just box up a few of our personal items to store in a back room, leaving the rest for the use of those who need a furnished house while we are away.  Now we'll have a home to return to at the end of our trip Stateside, reducing the hassle factors immensely, both going and coming. This is a giant answer to prayer, and we are feeling relieved and delighted!!

What are you giving thanks for today?


Rosalie said...

Congrats Amy and Lise! So proud of you!

So thankful, along with all of you, for God's loving provision of renters for your house!! Such a huge blessing!

May God continue to bless in every way. Love you all.

us5 said...

thanks for celebrating with us, Rosalie! ♥